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Solutions in Acoustics Since 1968

PKA has extensive experience in the measurement, analysis and control of sound and vibration. We have provided expert acoustic advice for many landmark developments and bring this expertise to projects encompassing commercial, residential, education, aged care, and more.

PKA is a member firm of the The Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC). The firm has handled well over 10,000 acoustic projects spanning a wide spectrum of the boundaries of acoustic consulting. The skills of this practice are widespread extending from domestic air conditioning to industrial noise, environmental noise control and complex vibration isolation solutions.

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Expertise in All Building Sectors

Education / Public Buildings


Licensed Premises / Event Monitoring


Product Development




Transport / Tunnel Infrastructure


Residential Development


Advice for Home Owners


Commercial / Industrial / Retail


Health / Aged Care


Since 1968

PKA was established in 1968 by Peter Knowland and the firm has continued to deliver acoustic solutions for major projects.

Expertise in All Sized Projects

We also provide the same practical acoustic expertise to smaller residential and commercial building projects. These extend from the preparation of Development Application (DA) stage acoustic report for single dwellings to masterplan acoustic reports for new subdivisions and multi-unit apartment buildings.


Helping Your Project Progress

Every project incorporates specific acoustic design solutions to enhance progress through DA, Construction Certificate and Construction Stages.

Best Results at Minimal Cost

Our design solutions take in to account buildability in addition to the acoustic goals in order to minimise costs to the project.

A Coordinated Approach

We can coordinate with builders, architects and engineers to ensure a fully documented acoustic solutions for tender.

For a Practical Solution in Acoustics