PKA has carried out many investigations as part of commercial litigation. These include strata matters such as:

  • Sound transfer via dividing floors and walls
  • Sound transfer from hydraulic services and mechanical plant

PKA carry out acoustic testing and inspections to determine the existing sound levels or sound insulation. We compare the results to those required by part F5 of the Building Code of Australia, AS 2107 and any contractual obligations. Where in the opinion of PKA the results are satisfactory, we can prepare detailed reports for the Consumer Tribunal (CTTT) or the Supreme Court as necessary. We format the reports as required by your solicitor, suitable for submission to the required hearing.

Where the results are not satisfactory, we devise and design acoustic controls such that the acoustic requirements can be met. This is a specialised process as the approach to economically upgrading an existing building is quite different to specifying noise controls during the design stage of a new building. Special considerations include minimising disruption to building occupants and working with and upgrading existing structures and elements to avoid unnecessary demolition. To this end it is necessary to design solutions that effectively comply with the intent of the BCA or other requirements rather than simply selecting an “of the shelf” or “deemed to satisfy” design that requires major and costly rework to implement.

PKA can provide expert acoustic evidence at Land and Environment Court proceedings, following a detailed acoustic investigation.

Typically a detailed report is prepared to address the necessary environmental noise criteria such as the EPA Industrial Noise Policy, Infrastructure SEPP or relevant Council Development Control Policies.

We can represent our conclusions to the Land and Environment Court and present all necessary recommendations.

The above list is just a selection of the projects we have done. It is to show a cross-section of the solutions we can achieve for your project. But each job is different, and we engineer a solution to fit. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a situation which is not listed here. Call PKA on 02 9460 6824 or Send an email to