PKA Have Over 45 Years' Experience in providing Acoustic Solutions for Public & Educational Buildings

Qantas has been a PKA client for many years now. The firm has been involved in the acoustic design for several major city club lounges around Australia. In the Sydney Qantas Club Lounge Sports Bar, PKA provided advice in relation to a sound system to accompany the existing rear screen projection system. The design took into consideration the sense of direction of sound from the screen – with loudspeakers co ordinated with appropriate time-delay. Speakers were also placed to reduce noise spillage into other areas of the lounge. The overall design took into account technological progression, allowing for current operation as well as providing options for the future. Featuring capabilities for cable TV, HD TV, DVD, satellite and video cassette players with a surround sound format. Easy of use was important, along with aesthetic design. A hidden control point allows Qantas staff to control the system via a touch screen controller. Volume control settings were also considered for crowded lounge noise, normal settings and quiet lounge noise.

The above list is just a selection of the projects we have done. It is to show a cross-section of the solutions we can achieve for your project. But each job is different, and we engineer a solution to fit. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a situation which is not listed here. Call PKA on 02 9460 6824 or Send an email to